Handling Overload With Concurrency Control And Load Shedding — Part 3

Concurrency Limits Library In Action

  • CL: Current concurrency limit
  • W : Maximum number of worker threads (Let’s use the default value of 200)

CL ≥ W

CL < W

Issues With This Approach

It Does Not Measure True Latency

It Almost Makes Queuing An All-or-Nothing Proposition

An Alternative Proxy Based Approach

  • In-Flight Requests (IFR) or Current Concurrency: In the earlier approach, the IFR was the number of requests that are currently being processed by worker threads. So IFR is always less than or equal to the maximum number of worker threads (W). In the proxy-based approach, IFR is the number of requests sent to the service by proxy and are currently pending. It includes requests being processed by worker threads as well as requests waiting in the queue. For example, if W = 200, then IFR can be 500, which means that 200 requests are being processed and the rest of 300 are waiting in queue.
  • Measured Response Time (MRT) or Round Trip Time (RTT): In the library-based approach, the MRT or RTT was the time taken by worker threads to process requests i.e. T1. Using the proxy, MRT also includes the time requests spend in queue i.e. T1 + T2. Hence it measures the actual latency experienced by callers.

How Proxy Based Approach Would Work


Options Available For Proxy-Based Approach



Further Reading

Principal Engineer @ OLX Group. https://twitter.com/vikaskx

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Vikas Kumar

Vikas Kumar

Principal Engineer @ OLX Group. https://twitter.com/vikaskx

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